The Second Cooler Public Event Edition

The Second Cooler Public Event Edition

This package is for individuals, organizations, or institutions who plan to screen The Second Cooler or its contents to large groups, multiple groups, or for fundraising purposes.

Over 5 hours and 45 minutes playing time not including 15 individual chapters and the official trailer!!
•The award-winning documentary, The Second Cooler, narrated by Martin Sheen. 80 Minutes.
•The Second Cooler Soundtrack: the score, all unedited songs, and 3 bonus songs.
18 tracks. 65 minutes.
•10 full (or very lighted edited) interviews: over 4 hours of bonus content!
—5 full interviews with members of the cast:
~Former migrant Hipólita Acuña, 00:01:22
~Attorney Mary Bauer, 00:00:55
~H2A Guest Worker, 00:00:32
~Geographer Joseph Nevins, 00:00:46
~Tohono O'Odham Tribal Member Mike Wilson, 00:00:50
—5 Bonus Interviews
—including 3 full interviews (1 hour 45 minutes) about Alabama's Etowah County Detention Center
~Zimbabwean detainee Floyd Abdul, 00:00:47
~Attorney Sam Brooke, 00:00:56
~Attorney Glenn Fogle, 00:00:42
—and 2 more:
~A Tucson day laborer, 00:00:01:27 (1minute, 27 seconds)
~Border Artist Alberto Morakis, 00:00:28
•15 "chapters" of the film which allows you to quickly re-watch full individual scenes
•The Second Cooler Official Trailer

The Second Cooler Public Event Edition

28 Videos

  • The Second Cooler Official Trailer

    Trailer for The Second Cooler, a documentary about unauthorized immigration. Narrated by Martin Sheen.

  • La Segunda Nevera Trailer Oficial

    El trailer oficial de La Segunda Nevera, el documental sobre inmigración. Narrado por Martin Sheen. 80 minutos.

  • The Second Cooler Feature / La Segunda Nevera

    Español abajo.
    The Second Cooler, narrated by Martin Sheen, pulls back the curtain on illegal immigration. Using first person stories and the insights of expert witnesses, it unravels why approximately 12 million migrants are in the United States illegally, exposes what the life and death issues...

  • Introduction / Introducción

    The title of the film is explained.
    Se explica el título de la película.
    Runtime / Duración: 00:02:41

  • The Creation of Extreme Inequality / La Creación de la Desigualdad Extrema

    The United States played a major role in creating economic and political inequality in Latin America.
    Los Estados Unidos desempeñó un papel importante en la creación de la desigualdad económica y política en América Latina.
    Runtime / Duración: 00:03:09

  • The North American Free Trade Agreement / El Tratado de Libre Comercio Norteamericano

    President Bill Clinton, President Carlos Salinas, and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney knew at the time they signed the North American Free Trade Agreement they were displacing millions of small Mexican farmers.
    El presidente Bill Clinton, el presidente Carlos Salinas, y el primer mini...

  • Outsourcing Jobs / La Externalización de Puestos de Trabajo

    An serious problem for labor in the United States is the outsourcing of jobs.
    Un problema grave para los trabajadores en los Estados Unidos es la externalización de puestos de trabajo.
    Runtime / Duración: 00:05:06

  • Free Trade in Alabama / El Comercio Libre en Alabama

    What free trade did to Mexico's traditional farmers on a grand scale, it did to Alabama's textile mill owners on a small scale.
    Lo que el libre comercio hizo a los pequeños agricultores de México en gran escala, lo hizo a los pequeños propietarios de las fábricas textiles de Alabama...

  • The Old Alabama / La Vieja Alabama

    Alabama State Senator Scott Beason explains why he wants to completely militarize the border.
    Senador Scott Beason de Alabama explica por qué quiere militarizar completamente la frontera.
    Runtime / Duración: 00:01:37

  • No Legal Line To Get In / No Línea Legal Para Entrar

    The United States has two separate, unequal systems by which a person may enter legally. One is for Canadians and Western Europeans; the other is for Africans, most Asians, and Latin Americans.
    Los Estados Unidos tiene dos sistemas separados y desiguales por el cual una persona pued...

  • The Guest Worker Visa / La Visa de Trabajadores Temporales

    A significant part of Comprehensive Immigration Reform is major expansions of the Guest Worker Program, a program of indentured servitude and human trafficking.
    Una parte importante de la Reforma Integral de Inmigración es grandes expansiones del programa de trabajadores temporales,...

  • Mayans Need Not Apply / Los Mayas Abstenerse de Aplicar

    Latin America's indigenous people, who traditionally do not have title to land, may not come to the Unites States legally. They are dying in disproportionate numbers in Arizona's Sonora Desert.
    Los pueblos indígenas de América Latina, que tradicionalmente no tienen título de propied...

  • Arizona the New Alabama / Arizona la Nueva Alabama

    Director Ellin JImmerson compares the rigid demarcation line separating legal from illegal immigrants to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.
    Directora Ellin Jimmerson compara la línea de demarcación rígida que separa inmigrantes legales de los inmigrantes ilegales a la línea de ...

  • The Journey / El Viaje

    Crossing borders illegally is expensive, dangerous, humiliating, and sometimes deadly.
    Cruzando fronteras ilegalmente es cara, peligrosa, humillante, y a veces mortal.
    Runtime / Duración: 00:13:00

  • Migrant Backpacks / Las Mochilas de Migrantes

    Before migrants cross the border illegally, they fill a backpack with food, water, hopes, and dreams.
    Antes de los inmigrantes cruzan la frontera ilegalmente, llenan una mochila con comida, agua, esperanzas y sueños.
    Runtime / Duración: 00:01:56

  • Militarization of the Border / Militarización de la Frontera

    A major part of Comprehensive Immigration Reform is complete militarization of the United States border with Mexico.
    Una parte importante de la Reforma Integral de Inmigración es la militarización completa de la frontera de Estados Unidos y México.
    Runtime / Duración: 00:02:26

  • Migrant Deaths / Las Muertes Migrantes

    More migrants have died trying to cross the United States's southern border than died as a result of the September 11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina combined.
    Más inmigrantes ilegales han muerto tratando de cruzar la frontera sur de los Estados Unidos que murieron como resu...

  • Postscript / Posdata

    Director Ellin JImmerson acknowledges the death of her daughter, Leigh Anna Jimmerson, and her daughter's boyfriend, Tad Joseph Mattle, who were killed by a drunk driver during the editing of The Second Cooler. The driver was an unauthorized man from Mexico.
    Directora Ellin Jimmerso...

  • Full Interview, Floyd Abdul: The Closest Place to Hell

    Floyd Abdul is an immigrant from Zimbabwe in the US legally. He says his months in Alabama's notorious Etowah County Detention Center were "the closest any living human being will come to Hell".
    English / No español.
    Runtime: 00:47:51.

  • Full Interview, Sam Brooke: Deplorable Conditions

    Attorney Sam Brooke describes in riveting detail conditions at the Etowah County Detention Center in Gadsden, Alabama and the Perry County Correctional Facility in Uniontown, Alabama. He explains why people end up there -- indefinitely.
    English / No español
    Runtime: 00:56:18

  • Full Interview, Glenn Fogle: Fundamentally Wrong

    Attorney Glenn Fogle describes immigration detention, focusing on conditions at Alabama's Etowah County Detention Center.
    English / No español
    Runtime: 00:42:23

  • Full Interview, Day Laborer: Where Does The Money Go?

    A day laborer in Arizona wants to know what happens to the money he earned when employers refuse to pay him.
    English / No español
    Run Time: 00:01:27

  • Full Interview, Alberto Morakis: There Are Many Mexicos

    Border artist Alberto Morakis discusses some of the art you see in The Second Cooler.
    This may have been Morakis's final interview. He died unexpectedly of pneumonia several weeks later.
    English / No español.
    Runtime: 00:28:52.

  • Entrevista Completa, Hipólita Acuña: ¡ Polita Para Presidenta !

    Hipólita Acuña es una ciudadana mexicana. Elle describe sus experiencias de cruzar la frontera México / Estados Unidos tres veces ilegalmente y su trabajo como organizador sindical en Nogales, Sonora. Los productores de La Segunda Nevera dijeron que pensaban que sería una buena idea si ella fuera...

  • Full Interview, Joseph Nevins: Global Apartheid

    Joseph Nevins is professor of geography at Vassar College whose area of specialization is the border. He describes how the United States has become part of a morally corrupt system of global apartheid.
    English / No español
    Runtime: 00:46:30

  • Full Interview, Mike Wilson: To Save My Native Soul

    Mike Wilson is a tribal member of the Tohono O'Odham Nation in southern Arizona. A former member of Special Services in El Salvador, he describes how he realized he was on the wrong side of the table of justice there, left the military, went to seminary, was called out of seminary "by faith", and...

  • Full Interview, Mary Bauer: Sinister: The Guest Worker Program

    Mary Bauer is an attorney. When we interviewed her, she was working for the Southern Poverty Law Center. The author of "Close to Slavery: The Guest Worker Program in the United States," she describes the sinister realities of the program. Major expansions of the Guest Worker Program are foundatio...

  • Entrevista Completa, Un Trabajador Temporal: Me Enviaron a Casa a Morir

    Un trabajador de tabaco, en los Estados Unidos legalmente con un visa de Trabajadores Temporales, cuenta su historia.
    Epañol solamente. No ingles.
    Duración: 00:32:00